Hokey Pokey Coconut Cookies with a Toffee and White Chocolate Drizzle

For these cookies, I used the cookie recipe from my ripe cookbook and found that it was the same recipe as this recipe here except you need to add 1/2 cup toasted desiccated coconut*. Once the cookies are cooled, I drizzled them with toffee* (1/3 cup castor sugar, melted at a medium-high heat in a saucepan until a dark amber color) and melted white chocolate (you will need about 1/4 cup of white chocolate drops) 

*when you are baking the cookies, make sure you don't under-bake them and cook until they are nice and golden. Although soft and chewy cookies are lovely too, this type of cookie is meant to be nice and crunchy. 

*when you are making the toffee, try not to stir it else it can cause the sugar to crystalize. Instead, swirl the sauce pan around a bit by the handle. 

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